Our Blood Institute

Our Blood Institute is the ninth largest, not-for-profit blood center in America.  Established in 1977, Our Blood Institute also operates Oklahoma Blood Institute, serving the entire state of Oklahoma; Arkansas Blood Institute, serving Central Arkansas and the Fort Smith area; Texas Blood Institute in Wichita Falls; and Coffee Memorial Blood Center in Amarillo.

Our Blood Institute donors provide every drop of blood patients need in more than 200 medical facilities in Oklahoma, Arkansas, North Central Texas, and the Texas Panhandle. An average of 1,200 donors a day is required to meet the needs of the hospitals and facilities served.  Across its system, Our Blood Institute employs more than 900 people and works with 1,200 volunteers and 2,600 blood drive coordinators.

Our Blood Institute is a vital link in cell therapy, procuring healthy stem cells for transplants from adult marrow and umbilical cord donations.  Our Blood Institute is poised for enhancing the future of expanded cell therapies and regenerative medicine through new research and treatment partnerships within the health care biosciences industry. 


President & CEO: John Armitage, MD
1001 N. Lincoln Blvd., Oklahoma City, OK 73131
(405) 278-3100