CBCO gives blood recipients chance to thank donors


via FourStatesHomePage.com

SOUTHWEST MISSOURI — A new program from the CBCO gives blood recipients the chance to say thanks to the blood donor.

The Community Blood Center of the Ozarks kicked off a program called, Thank-the-donor a few days ago.

It allows transfusion recipients the chance to leave a message for the person who gave them the gift of life.

Chris Pilgrim, with CBCO, says it’s a way for donors to put a face to the recipient of their blood.

Chris Pilgrim, CBCO Media Relations, said, “Makes that real human connection in between the recipient of that blood and the donor that gave it and we hope our donors will enjoy receiving messages of thanks from the donors, uh we think it’s going to be a big motivator to blood donors and make them want to give more and more.”

As part of the program, the recipient has the chance to leave a recorded greeting or letter to the person who donated their blood.